Have you ran out of activities to do during lockdown ? Check out the ones we have came up with !!

➢ How about a little target practice with the bin and balls? Put a target, and dig out a newspaper from the recycling bin and have a ball throwing game. Apart from the fun, it raises motor skills

.➢ Get creative with the cardboard boxes and enhance the toddler’s imagination and creativity. This is fun as you can turn the boxes into anything from a car to a house to an areophane, ramps or a train.

➢ How about something like a Halloween! Well, try to Feed the Lego Monster game. This is actually the Lego Monster. It is as easy as making a monster face with a paper bag and you ready to go. Add imagination and enhances the baby’s imagination to make it a family monster and enjoy.➢

 Hide-and-seek. The most fun game ever! Why not improvise by making it a skill solving game? Ask him to hide in an object that you tell him in a sneaky spot or in another room. This could start from the simple and fun one like hiding the trash can and asking him to go put a wrapper in there. Spice up the fun!

➢ Obstacle course. This is a fun game which enhances balances, coordination and motor skill with fun. Make space and set up a small course in the living room or in the yard outside.  Easy and done. Get your kid jumping, running and rolling around under or over markers or object.

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