Five toddler ideas for lunch that are really tasty

In today’s world a toddler’s lunch may be composed of a veggie, some protein, source of fat and a healthy carb. This basically constitute what they take to make them not cry like being scared like the jelly and peanut butter not being cut the right way or fruits with seed posing a harm. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with these five best toddler lunch ideas that they will actually enjoy.

Mini corn dog muffins

To start of the list well one idea from the favorite food group of your toddler, well be ready with the ketchup cause these hot dog bites are easy to make and can last longer.

Baked mac and cheese bites

Cheese with macaroni presents a perfect idea however it can get even better when in a package that is pre portioned. The leftovers are even more of delight that can be stored for a few days.

Baking sheet quesadillas

Making a big quesadillas and dividing it into many beautiful squares and adding a veggie in between is tasty idea

BLT pasta salad

Ever wanted your baby to eat romaine? Well, make them a BLT pasta salad and add fun by adding a bunch of beacon and ruffy noodles.

Turkey spinach pinwheels meal prep

 This is the ideal lunchbox easily adaptable and be mixed with a veggie and a fruit of their choice. Substitute a chicken or harm if they hate turkey makes it even tastier

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