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PAYG Childcare is a family owned business. We have to realise how hard it is for parents to get a childminder, baby sitter or even a nanny. Nowadays childcare has became one of the most biggest obstacles to most parents. 

As a business we want to help every parent out there to not only be able to get childcare service sorted but we also want to allow them to pick and choose when they want a childminder and the best part is that you won’t be tied up to any contract at all. 

If you only want a childminder for just 2hrs then that’s all you will pay for. This pay as you go childcare service is a great opportunity for every parent out there who wants their kids to be well looked after. We are a childcare provider that can supply a childminder for anytime of the day. 

Our job is to make sure that every child is in safe hands and that they are well looked after. All our childminder are DBS checked and are trained well. 

We have a team of customer service available 24/7 to help assist any parents with any sort of questions or queries.

Payg childcare

Why choose us?

Excelent Services

We pride ourselves on providing the best babysitters and services. Happy babysitters who feel valued and respected are essential for making sure kids are well cared for.

Safe Environment

Safety is crucial for everyone involved in childcare. That’s why we’re the only platform that conducts identity verification of both parents AND babysitters.

Payg childcare

Skilled Staff

We pride ourselves on connecting you with only the best babysitters — and we stand by that. That’s why we created the Nanno Guarantee.

Friendly & Fun

All of our staff are friendly, caring and fun! We're always looking ways to provide friendly and fun environments for our babysitters and children.

our core values are at the heart of what we do.

Your child deserves the best possible care.

My name is Norma Sibanda, and I am the founder and CEO of PAYG CHILDCARE LTD. As a working mother of 3 children, I know how important it is to feel happy and reassured when you leave your child behind at home t get on with your day. My aim as CEO is to provide a chain of high-quality, caring and professional staff. The welfare and happiness of the children in our care is our number one priority.

I am delighted to welcome you all to our website . There is something very special about PAYG CHILDCARE and we are incredibly proud of our unique children, supportive parents, inspirational staff and forward thinking management team, where we all work together to make PAYG CHILDCARE a safe, secure and reliable agency to work with. I hope that you enjoy looking around our website – although this is only a tiny glimpse of how very special our agency is!

Norma Sibanda

CEO and founder

payg ceo founder

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